2 bottom front teeth are shaking.

by zazu
(kissimme fl usa)

Hi, My 2 bottom front teeth are shaking . My enamel is totally gone, and I keep getting plague buildup between the 2 front bottom tooth. I floss everyday and brush twice a day, but eventually the plague still builds up.
I always get it cleaned when I see the dentist. What can be done to not lose my teeth? My dentist doesnt seem to give me much info on my options. Please help, those teeth actually are very sensitiive to hot or cold, and even a gush of air.

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2 bottom front teeth are shaking
by: DR. MN6975

There are several reasons why your lower front teeth can be loose. The most likely cause is periodontitis, or gum infection, which as it gets deeper, erodes the bone away. As the bone loss occurs, then the teeth lose support and become loose. Placing a splint across these teeth will temporarily stabilize them, but unless the gum infection is treated, it will continue to dissolve away the bone weakening the teeth. Eventually, if enough bone loss occurs, the teeth will have to be extracted even though the splint has been placed.

It is difficult to tell if your teeth can be saved unless you have a thorough periodontal examination. I would recommend seeing a periodontist, who specializes in gum disease, if you have not done so.

by: siya

I am 26 yrs,one year back I had put braces on my teeth and now my tooth is shaking a bit ,any remedies 4 making it strong.

my teeth is shaking NEW
by: nhlalala baloyi

hey am 15years old my teeth is shaking how could i make them stronger

down teeth shaking NEW
by: stone

Hi, my down teeth is shaking and i don't no what to do. please Dental s help me because i don't want to loss my down teeth.

if not i will not get a man to marry me.
and my enemies will start laughing at me

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