24 y/o with baby tooth intact and no adult tooth

by Monica

Hi, I am 24 y/o with baby tooth intact and no adult tooth, wondering what other options there are besides getting an implant for a baby tooth that has not fallen out, and there is no adult tooth below it. The tooth is on the bottom left (#20 I think).

I currently have braces on all teeth (no bracket on the baby) and I think my orthodontist is concerned that when I get the braces off this summer the rest of the teeth will shift into that area. Is it possible to place a crown on top of the baby tooth? As a grad student on loans, I'm really not trying to pay $3000 plus for an implant, if I truly don't need to.


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54 years old and recently discovered baby tooth
by: Anonymous

I had a baby tooth and I was 54 years old when the dentist discovered it. It started throbbing and after many attempts to save it, the tooth was removed. I have an implant now and it isn't 100% yet. My mouth burns and I am very uncomfortable.

I have been to 10 doctors/dentists and still haven't solved all my mouth issues. I am going to a different dentist again this week. Good Luck with your baby tooth problem.

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