33000 for 12 implants and new dentures

by John Dozier
(Virginia Beach,VA,USA)

My dentist charged 33000 for 12 implants and new dentures. :

After reading so many stories here I am very concerned that I have been overcharged as well as sold more implants then was practical to be used.

My dentist placed 4 lower and 8 upper implants. I now read where most dentist place 4 to 6 upper but have not found a story where they placed 8 for dentures upper. What can I do???

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by: David Long CDT

More implants is always better. Prices always vary from office to office. If you have the bone for more implants then this Dentist is doing the right thing by using the bone over cutting corners to cut price.

Charge outrageous prices
by: Anonymous

Somehow, dentists have banded together in a backroom and agreed to charge outrageous prices for what are called regular implants. Looking through all the fancy lingo and the complexity that this procedure is supposed to entail, when it comes down to it, the procedure is nothing more than drilling a hole in the jawbone with a high speed drill that is slightly smaller than the implant, followed by placement of the implant at a slower rotational speed. Every fancy tool that they add on to it, whether computer 3D assessment, it simply drives up the price (that is, profit) but is largely unnecessary for the majority of patients. In other words, there is no justification whatsoever for prices that are this high, and the dental "profession" should be confronted about this.

You need to see your dentist immediately NEW
by: barbara

You need to see your dentist immediately, I think that is the best. Good luck!

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