3I's Certain Prevail Implant

The Certain Prevail Implant by 3I has a very unique design feature. It incorporates the concept of platform switching. Placing this implant can be used when there is less bone because the implant and abutment has moved medially away from the crestal bone. This helps aid in preserving more bone to implant contact.

This implant has a straight collar design so when the Dr has a case that deals with an existing expanded collar, where the implant might not fit, the new straight collar design provides an option for narrower interdental spaces or ridge widths.

Another great feature of this implant is that the entire length of the Certain is dual acid etched with industry proven osseotite surface which is made for bone to implant contact for quicker osseointegration.

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unique feature NEW
by: maria

Yeh I noticed the feature. It is very different from the normal implantations. The straight collar designs are very nice for the doctors to do modifications in the implantations. You right the length and the material is also fine for the attachment of the bones.beef sticks

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