4th (PreMolar) Partially broken.

4th Tooth Cracked

4th Tooth Cracked

4th Tooth Cracked 4th Tooth Partially Broken

4th (PreMolar) Partially broken. what should I do?

My 4th molar has broken partially a few days ago. The broken part was wiggling for few days and then came off. I am feeling pain to the area on the right side of my nostril (is this the indication that there is some infection is in progress?).

Attached are the two pics, showing cracked piece of tooth and second pic shows the broken piece gone.

Please advise what are my options? I would like the minimum pain and suffering and minimum invasive option.

What will happen if this tooth is pulled out even if not infected or have little infection.



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Fractured Premolar NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH


That is a very large fracture there! When a tooth is fractured so deep into the crown and is close to the nerve of the tooth, a root canal must be performed with a crown placed in order to retain the tooth. We always want to keep the natural tooth when at all possible. If for some reason your dentist doesn't feel like (after looking at an x-ray) the nerve is affected, you could possibly get away with only having a crown placed on this tooth. Structurally the tooth cannot withstand pressure or normal function with only a filling on that area.

A root canal is simply a filling that extends into the nerve chamber of the tooth. It is no more uncomfortable than a filling, though the appointments usually last longer due to the complexity.

Delaying treatment on this tooth could cause the entire tooth to fracture off, requiring the root to be extracted. The root at this point could also develop an abscess if not treated in a timely manner, which can bother your sinuses or other teeth as well.

Best bet - see your dentist right away for a root canal and a crown (or just a crown if he thinks it's ok). You want to keep that tooth!

Reply to Dr. Sharon NEW
by: SMH

Hi Dr. Sharon,

Thank you very much for your kind advice. After reading your comments, I got the panaromic x-ray done and visited a dentist, who also recommended root canal. Since I was not comfortable with the root canal procedure, I wanted to have any other alternate. After much discussion, the dentist agreed to undertake the Filling process, but warned me that it may not last long.

Any way for now something is done, and ley's see how long this will last, as now I know that the next step is to undergo the root canal and crown procedure.

Since I am very afraid of these dentals works, I am even willing to get this tooth extracted when it is totally un-serviceable, and leave it as is with a Gap. If I take this route, then please tell me what are the implications/consequences, specially to the other tooth either side of this Gap (removed damaged tooth).

May be in a day or two I will upload a picture of the Filling work on my damaged tooth (if this gives you some more clarity.

Thanks and lookforward to hear from you soon.


Reply to Dr. Sharon NEW
by: SMH

Hi Dr. Sharon,
Before you respond to my previous post. I would like to let you know that the filling did not last even for 2 days. I got it on 8th and on 9th it came off as I was doing a light gargle.

So now I am back to square one, and I am not sure what to do now. Please answer to the questions in my previous post to you.

Is it possible that this time I should go for crown only and not root canal. If at a later time when root canal is necessary, will the crown (which I may go for now) can be used in conjunction with the root canal, or at that time a new crown will be necessary.


Crown only NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

It would be almost positively a waste of money to do the crown only and not a root canal. I understand your anxiety but if it were me I would do everything in my power to prevent the loss of the tooth, which means a root canal. Root canals are not as bad as you think they are. Imagine a filling appointment that just lasts longer. If you put a crown on it without doing a root canal you may suffer severe pain and infection until the dentist has to drill through the crown to do the root canal. Losing the tooth would leave a large gap and cause other teeth in the mouth to shift, including a lower tooth coming up. It affects the entire mouth. If you lose the tooth then an implant is an option, but that is far, far, far more involved than a simple root canal.

Reply to Dr. Sharon NEW
by: SMH

Thanks Dr. Sharon,

Your kind advice is well received and now I wil muster the courge and get the root canal and crown procedure done immediately to save the partially broken toth.

Thanks again


reply NEW
by: Peter

I would like to know what led to breaking of your fourth premolar. It could be caused due to the side effect of some drugs. The pain in the stub is an indication of infection in the tooth. You will need to visit your dentist urgently. Termite equipment

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partially broken NEW
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