6 implants and an over-denture


2 years ago i had 6 implants and an over-denture fitted. Within 18 months the denture became loose. The dentist had to remove the bar and laser weld the clips onto the bar. Now he wants to charge me for the laser welding, and I am angry because I think they cost me enough as it is.

I feel that the clips or bar was faulty. Do you think they should have lasted longer than the two years?

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Implant failiure
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Implant dentistry is little tough to understand sometimes things happen which are least expected. please be patient with your dentist because nobody does such specialize work for fun,people do lot of hard work to learn all that ,just request your dentist to help you with finances.

Don't get upset ,let him do what he is doing ,if you're not satisfied with my answer please post your x-rays on this site and I will try to determine whose fault it is.

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