Founded in 1994 where they are located in Birmingham, Alabama. BioHorizons main goal is to lead the dental industry in development and worldwide distribution of innovative dental implant products, scientifically designed to optimize the quality of patient care.

Some of their top features include oral reconstructive devices in 2 main product platforms. One being Dental Implants and the other Tissue Regeneration. They have teamed up with DTI (Dental Technologies Inc.) to pursue their philosophy of providing the doctor and the patient with state of the art diagnostic technology.

BioHorzons have a variety of well known implants such as their Tapered Internal, Single-Stage, Internal and External, 1-piece and overdenture implants. All these products carry an unconditional lifetime warranty.

From their flagship external implant system known as Maestro in 1997 to today’s newest tapered internal implant known as Laser-Lok . This type of implant has been laser cut for a precision collar surface that helps to control cellular growth and direct hard and soft tissue attachment onto dental implants.

Most recently they signed exclusive distribution agreements with Life Cell Corp. and Osteotech Inc to market their allograft regeneration products to the dental community. A Rough estimate of BioHorizon’s global market share is around 15% of all dental implants sold worldwide.

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