Biomet 3I

Biomet 3I was cofounded in 1987 by a periodontist and an engineer. In 1999 Biomet Inc. was a leading manufacturer of orthopedic components who eventually acquired 3i which helped to increase the growth of 3i’s research and development. By 2007 3i products began selling under the Biomet-3I name worldwide.

Today they are headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens Florida and are one of the leading companies in oral reconstruction and are commonly recognized as a world leader in implant innovation. A Rough estimate of their global market share is around 15% of all dental implants sold worldwide.

3I's main value propositions are as followed: quality-driven capabilities, practical innovations, evidence-based research, clinician-driven service and practice- oriented relationships. Practicality is the number one priority in 3I’s research and development of new components, instruments and procedures.

Two of their recent innovations include the Nanotile Implant and Prevail Implant. The Nanotile starts with the proven OSSEOTITE Surface that has more than a decade of clinical use and evidence-based research and gets better with the nano-scale Discrete Crystalline Deposition (DCD™) Process. The Prevail was designed to help clinicians in the pursuit of crestal bone preservation. These implants feature Integrated Platform Switching by incorporating a coronal bevel design that medializes the implant-abutment junction.

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