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Dental implants News, Issue #002 -- Figure out what this is....
February 02, 2009

Hello again.
It's me, Sandy from the Dental Implants Guide.

I just wanted to make sure you don't miss the opportunity to win the prize by trying to figure out what's in the picture that you're looking at - just click on the link and look at February 2009's dental implant quiz.-

While you're there check out our latest live surgery video's:

A sinus lift - by Dr. Alon shifter.

Extraction , placement and immediate loading of a dental implant - by Dr. Jadad and Dr. Gallo.

Feel free to add your comments or questions.

I have added a section to list your practices anywhere around the world (not only in the U.S.A) - and ..... IT'S FREE.

Thank you and talk to you soon

Dental Implants Guide

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