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Dental implants News, Issue #003 -- Latest Questions : Please help your colleagues
February 05, 2009

Hello again.

Here are some recent questions your colleagues around the world have asked....

So maybe you can help them out.....

Overdenture case
by farhan

sir, i placed 4 implants in a mandible ,anetriorly very hard cortical bone ,ABDE postion according to misch , bone density more than 1800
after two months one implant failed ...

Nobel Active
by David

I have been using 3I and Nobel for the last 3 years and I'm very impressed with the new Nobel Active design. I would like to hear some opinions from experienced users who are currently using them...

what is the common use dental implant system?
by norozy

what is the common used dental implant system?
i am a dentist
thank you from your answer.

Thank you and talk to you soon

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