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Nobel Biocare headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland is one of the world leaders in innovative restorative and esthetic dental solutions today. It has the broadest geographic coverage with 37 direct sales organizations and distribution networks serving more than 70 countries providing dental professionals with state of the art evidence-based root-to-tooth solutions.

With over 2,500 highly skilled employees across the world they have released many innovations over the past 40 years which include dental implants, all ceramic crowns, bridges and laminates along with guided surgery planning, scanners and biomaterials that have significantly helped to set the standard for patient rehabilitation and care.

Rough estimates are that Nobel – Biocare’s global market share is around – 35% of all dental implants sold annually. Their products are considered top of the line in terms of quality but they are also the most expensive ones! Some of their well known products include their Tapered and Parallel Walled Implants.
Nobel – Biocare’s tapered implants include:

• Nobel Replace, Nobel Perfect which they claim is their ultimate choice for excellent esthetics.
• Nobel Direct which is a 1 piece design that enables variability in vertical placement.

Nobel’s parallel Walled implants include:
• Nobel Replace Straight which helps to simplify and reduce the treatment time.
• Nobel Speedy for increased stability.
• The Branemark System which is Nobel’s 1st and most versatile system with over 40 years of proven clinical success.

Nobel biocare’s strategy for success relies on their 7 pillars concept:
1. Reinforce market leadership in standardized products.
2.Develop Nobel Procera into the most widely used manufacturing process for individual prosthetics.
3. Actively shape the digitalization of the dental value chain.
4.Commit to R and D and Scientific leadership thereby apply to the highest scientific standards and principles.
5. Continuous geographic expansion.
6. Marketing and Sales excellence.
7.Leading performance in operations.

Nobel will and has always aimed to add value for dental professionals and their patients by providing simpler, safer, more time- and cost-effective treatment solutions.

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