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  • Panoramic X-ray

    A Panoramic X-ray (Also Known As Pan) gives a broad overview of the entire mouth. This X ray provides information about the teeth, upper and lower jawbone, and sinuses.

    Unlike other x-rays where the film is placed inside the patient's mouth, the panoramic film is contained in a machine that moves around the patient's head, most often taken when the wisdom teeth are being evaluated. The X ray will reveal deep cavities and gum disease, but it is not as precise as bitewing or periapical X-rays.

    The pan's have many other applications, including evaluating patients with TMJ or jaw joint problems; those who require full or partial removable dentures, dental implants, or braces; those who are at risk or suspected of having oral cancer or other tumors of the jaw, have impacted teeth or have had any recent trauma to the face or teeth; and for those with gag reflexes who cannot tolerate other types of films.

    panoramic x-ray Panoramic x-rays are the most commonly used radiographs available in the field of implantology. This method is useful in providing diagnostic information regarding identifiable landmarks, pathology, and initial estimates of bone availability. It is readily accessible, simple, and emits acceptable amounts of radiation, but, the use of this radiograph becomes limited in advanced implant treatment planning. Because of a lack of three dimensional viewing, panoramic view provides limited information regarding anatomical limitations, such as maxillary sinus involvement, bone height estimate, buccolingual dimensions, concavities, and inferior alveolar nerve proximity. Linear tomography can be used in the planning of dental implants for a buccolingual estimate of bone, but it does not provide accurate imaging, nor does it produce volume images of adjacent structures for precise planning and placement in advanced cases.

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