Straumann - Founded in 1954 in the Swiss village of Waldenburg as a research institute bearing the name of its founder, Dr Ing. Reinhard Straumann. Between 1970 and 1990, Strmn' became a leading manufacturer of osteosynthesis implants. Today Strmn' USA LLC, located in Andover, MA is the US subsidiary of Strmn' Holding, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and is the 2nd largest dental implant company worldwide.

The new US national headquarters embodies the spirit of Straumann which combines manufacturing, training and education, marketing and customer service all under the same roof which is why they can offer the highest quality of products and services to their customers.

Based on their 3 requirements of reliability, simplicity and versatility makes Strmn' one of the best companies in oral reconstruction today with over 20 years of clinical research. A Rough estimate of their global market share is around 14% of all dental implants sold worldwide.

Their implant system offers a number of different lines ranging from soft tissue to bone level implants. Soft Level Implants are made up of 3 different screws. The Standard one stage, Standard Plus which is more flexible for trans-semi subgingival levels and the Tapered implant for immediate-early implantation. For bone level they have a screw called Cross Fit Connection which is a self-guiding internal prosthetic connection, optimized for long-term mechanical stability under all loading conditions and ensures an exact fit between implant and abutment.

One of their newest materials called Roxolid combines new titanium with zirconium alloy to enhance the strength and healing properties of dental implants which makes it 50% stronger than pure titanium. The combination of enhanced strength and osseointegration could open the door for a new generation of smaller, safer implants, which would be particularly advantageous in situations where there is limited space between teeth.

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