A bridge or an implant

by Neri

I've always had bad teeth. On my lower left side I have 3 filled teeth, where the nerves are gonne and two of them had massive fillings. On my no 6, a had a fracture of one of my natural sides of the tooth and it's now gonne. My dentist says that it's a very large filling now that cannot support itself (maybe I have short roots too) and the remaining has to go. So I'll be left with an open space there !!!

The only solutions she suggested are either a bridge or an implant ! To build a bridge would require to sacrifice a healthy tooth which will then hold the other 3 that are already filled. So a massive bridge of 4 teeth :(. I don't want to saccrfice a healthy tooth as I have only few left and I don't want a massive bridge in my mouth bcs it will make my gum worse.

I also have very bad gums that are often red and usually bleed when I wash them or floss. The other option is to have an implant but I'm scared to take a chance on it, in case anything might go wrong and have permanent consequences. What can you suggest to me please ?

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A bridge or an implant
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Neri ,

When a filling is large and begins to break down, there is not enough enamel to hold a new filling in and hold up to normal chewing or other use. The thin enamel would simply chip off, the large filling come out and then the tooth would have to be extracted anyway.

I would also not opt to have a bridge as I would want to maintain my healthy tooth without preparation for a bridge. However, for implants to be successful you need to get your gum disease under control.

Healthy gums do not bleed. You sound like you will need to have a "deep cleaning" done, which is a type of periodontal treatment. This will help remove bacteria from below your gums. Also make sure to follow your care instructions and oral hygiene instructions EXACTLY from your hygienist. If you fail to do this then your gum disease will just come back. If you do it correctly then within a few weeks you should have no bleeding, swelling or redness. She will show you how to PROPERLY floss and brush. You may also want to invest in a waterpik and Sonicare toothbrush. These are worth their weight in gold.

Once your gum disease is controlled, then you would be a great candidate for implants int his area.

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