A few dental implant questions

by cia

A few dental implant questions:

1- Can I get an implant immediately after extraction of teeth?
2- How long does it take for an implant to attach to the bone?
3 - Can I implant 30 teeth? can my bone support 30 implants?
4 - How many years implants can work?
5 - How does implant feel?is it normal as like real teeth?

sorry for bad english

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Dear CIA
by: Anonymous

1.Yes you can get an implant after extraction (same day - immediate implant) the clinician should follow certain guide lines that apply to immediate implant and immediate loading if chose to do so.
2.The process takes 3 to 6 month.
3. No need for that many implants.
4. Max - life time. min - immediate failure
5. Should feel like natural tooth


Yes you can get implants ,after extraction, it all depends upon your treating dentist his or her experiences. Implant integrate with bone as titanium is compatible with bone(it is called osseointegration). If your bone is capable of handling implants that question will be answered by a good ct scan and individual assessment

implant is for lifetime

An implant is for lifetime,it feels exactly like teeth

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