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  • My Secret Of - How I earn money with my Web site

    This is the story about this website and how I earn money from it.

    my family
    From the day I was born (40 years ago) I was taught how important it is to study and do my best in school. My parents always said "in that way when you grow up you'll be able to get a decent, respectable and well paying job Sandy"(Yeh That's my name).

    I was a good kid so that's exactly what I did: went to school, did my best and wound up at the age of 40 as an airline pilot with 4 kids and a loving wife. Sounds like an ideal picture - who could ask for more?

    Well.. I did! And it has nothing to do with mid-life crisis at age 40! I think

    (By the way if you find me boring and want to get to the point, then Click Here and watch the video - otherwise I suggest you bear with me a few more minutes so you can get the full picture).

    I have always had that urge, that dream, to do something for myself, becoming a successful business man - not working for anyone else, only for me and my family .

    Don't get me wrong, I love flying and I am so thankful for being able to do this! But somehow I want to do more than just fly.

    I think it partly has to do with the fact that I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. See - my job as a pilot requires me to be in top notch physical shape. Every 6 months I have to have a physical check up and must be 100% fit. The pressure of losing my job because of a possible medical problem always bothered me and scared me - and so I would run to the doctor for every little pain or condition I thought I might have.

    The fact is that I was always looking for an alternative to my job - something that I could fall back on in case I lose my ability to fly.

    Times get tough!

    About 2 years ago after our youngest daughter(4th kid)was born, my wife and I realized we needed to find a way to increase our income. Since my wife is a stay at home mom raising our 4 beautiful, young kids (I'm totally objective), there was no job she could find that would justify leaving the house.

    So we looked for something that she could do from home that would bring in some extra cash $$$$

    You can't believe what "income generating opportunities" they offer today for stay at home moms, don't ask what things we looked into - jewelry making, gift wrap decorating, miniature model accessory making, even filling out online surveys were possibilities we considered. Nothing appealed to us - But we were desperate - we really needed the additional income!!!

    So my wife and I spent weeks trying to find a way to earn an additional income, but we couldn't come up with a good solution.

    I think we're on to something!

    While talking to a good friend of mine I confessed that we were having some financial trouble and were looking for a solution.
    "Why don't you start your own business, an online business.." my friend suggested.
    "There is a program I know of that makes online business success do-able. Anyone can succeed with an all-in-one process, tools, and guidance."

    It's true I always wanted to get into that field but I know absolutely nothing about programming and internet stuff. "But I have nothing to write about - I don't have any idea for a website" I said .

    "No such thing" he answered "everyone has an idea or an interest he can write about - and you'd be surprised how many people around share that same interest."

    I told my boss (my wife ) about his unusual idea and she just shook her head and said - "well - check it out and let's think about it" . So I read a lot of testimonials and success stories and got a better picture of what it was all about.

    One thing that helped us make the decision was the fact that there is a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. It's a risk-free decision that you can make with confidence and peace of mind.

    So that evening my wife and I made the decision - let's do it !!

    The plan sounded good , but what will we write about? My wife had a few ideas having to do with kids, parenting and stay at home moms... I had all kinds of ideas from "my world" - airplanes, learning to fly,etc.

    To figure out if our ideas were good or not we used - Brainstorm It! a powerful keyword brainstorming and research tool. It helps you verify that your site concept has reasonable profit potential.

    After checking all of our ideas we still didn't get good results- the topics were either not profitable enough or there was too much competition in that particular niche. We knew that the stage of coming up with the right idea was the most important decision in our new business - so we took our time.

    Four weeks after we started to brainstorm the ideas, just before falling asleep -

    Bamm - it hit me!

    We should make a guide website that delivers information to people who need dental implants!

    Now how did I come up with that idea?

    Well.. a while back I tried to get involved in a friend's dental implant distribution business and become a territory sales manager.(Remember how I said that I was always looking for an alternative job?). So I spent a lot of time learning about dental implants, visiting dentists offices, watching surgery etc.. and I became pretty knowledgeable about implants. I also knew it was a new field with lots of growth potential. So I checked out the profitability potential and competition and found out that I was right - this could be a good and profitable niche.

    We started the long journey of building the website. I used the block-by-block builder that trains you how to write a page that is both "Search Engine and human effective." Designing the website was also very easy because the program provides fully customizable, easy-to-use templates. You can choose and create a professional-looking presentation, even if you have no design skills.

    Naturally I was the one in the house that had more time to spend building the website(I also worked on my computer during the layovers in Europe). I was really enthusiastic about it and I would find myself writing pages of info for the website at home until 3 o'clock in the morning!.

    The website got bigger every day and although I was working hard on it I didn't see any progress in the traffic (number of people finding the website on Google).I started to doubt that this whole thing will work.

    But my colleagues on the forums told me to be patient because eventually it will happen - And then it just did!!

    Mother Google Found Me

    Google found my website and put it in their index. From then on I started to get traffic (traffic is like oxygen for all living creatures- if you don't get it - you die!) and the creature just started to grow and grow!

    This is a snapshot of my monthly averages in January 2008 - very few visitors per day.

    jan 2008 stat
    I was getting an average of 2 visitors a day - and those visitors were me and my wife.

    sept 2009 stats On the next snapshot you can see how much my traffic has grown. During October 2009 I was getting more than 400 visitors a day!

    The absolute number of visitors I get is not high but compared to the number of people searching the internet for dental implants - it's very good.

    The snapshots you see are from reports that the program provides, Search Engine spider/listing/ranking/traffic reports, all let you see how your pages are being handled by the Search Engines. You can see what pages rank best and create traffic.

    If you think that Site Build It may be right for you, please use the links on this page to set up your account. I will earn a small commission and if you need a hand getting your new website started just let me know - I built this website using Site Build It! Much Success, Sandy
    Today a lot of my content is being written automatically! - What I mean is that visitors coming to my website upload their comments, questions etc.. and by doing so, they are adding more content pages to the site. This feature is possible thanks to a module included in the program called Content 2.0.

    Content 2.0 allows my site's visitors to create content for me and allows other visitors to comment and rate the page much like on a blog. This means your site will have more Search Engine attractive pages. Having more site pages means the Search Engines will rank your pages higher and that leads to more traffic. This is a chain of events that simply started through the contributions of your visitors!

    Now almost 2 years after launching my website using the Sitesell Build It - SBI program, it appears on the first Google search page in many keywords!- (that's probably how you got to this website.)

    Where does the money come from?

    At this stage you're probably asking - "But how do you make money?"

    This is something I learned from - Monetize It!, A section in the the SBI course, where you're introduced to the many forms of monetization available for your website. It helps you choose the best monetization options for your site concept.

    Actually it's the easiest part of the whole thing (I know you probably can't understand how it's so easy - I felt the same).

    But it is! It's the easiest part!

    The most important part is building the content, which is comparable to the location of a business in the physical business world. . If you have a good location (content) then you will get lots of people coming in to your store (traffic coming in to your website). From this point you just have to decide what's the best thing to sell them!

    My website makes money from various places:
    • The banners you see on the sides are bringing me money every month.
    • I list dentists' offices on my directory (find a dentist): people, like you, come to read about implants because they probably need them. Often they also check for dentists near their area and they use the directory; and I charge the doctors an annual membership fee for listing their office.
    • Google ads on the sides.

    This is a snapshot from my account with Google - that's how much they paid me in September - do the math - and that's only from Google!

    Am I there yet?

    In the last few months our website has been getting great traffic that converts in total into more than $1000 a month!

    So am I there yet?
    Not yet - I still need to keep flying. But I'm steadily increasing my income from the website. I hope to hit the $10000 per month within 5 years from today.

    What next?

    I've realized that I need to make more of these "passive money making machines". I like to think of the website as a soda machine in a busy mall: it takes time to build it and place it at the right location but once it's there, it just makes money constantly (even while I'm asleep)and all I need to do is maintain it.

    With that conclusion in mind I plan on building a few more websites - I am working on 2 new ones as we speak - My New Web-site - Another New Web-site

    By building more websites I am getting closer to my goal of creating an alternative to my "day job".


    I was never a person who believed in get rich quick promises - and the SBI plan exactly fits my personality and beliefs. If you're that kind of person who, like me, believes in hard yet rewarding work and would like to change your reality like I did, then I recommend you try SBI! and I'm sure you'll enjoy the video.
    I can only offer my advice and experience and tell you how I feel - my SBI journey is changing my life and future every day.

    Good luck

    Important update! During these tough times, SBI are introducing a time-limited monthly payment option plan at $29.99 - instead of a one-time annual payment. That way if you're short in cash or just not sure about committing yourself to building a website business then this will be a RISK-FREE trial!

    This is another funny video that a Colleague "SBI-er" created . It just shows you his love and passion to the SBI world.

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