by Jill Hamilton
(Pinellas Park Florida)

I had a dental implant on two teeth that were pulled. Was told $1500.00 per implant.My insurance did not cover the quoted procedure so I paid $3000.00 up front. I did submit to my ins company because he is a PDP member and the difference to my credit was $399.00.

I called dentist office and girls said that did not include the abutment and he does not owe me a refund. Ins co. said he should submit a charge for the "abutment".
Question: on inplants are the abutments considered part of the implant or totally separate. I must tell you he is not going to be doing my crowns, my regular Dentist is going to do that.

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by: DR. MN6975

Physically, the abutment and implant are two separate items. There are one piece implants(that have the abutment already attahced)that are used in rare cases. Insurance companies treat the charge of the abutment and implant differently depending on the state and nature of the procedure.

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