All on 4 implant supported bridge with 10 teeth

by Diane Caviness
(Hillsville VA)

Has anyone had the Viso.Lign All on 4 implant supported bridge with 10 teeth done? I think this is relatively new in some areas and it's more affordable then the other All on 4 bridges because it's not porcelain teeth (or whatever they use that they call "Teeth for Life").

My dentist told me he was getting ready to do a new, more affordable bridge procedure and I'm assuming this is what he's talking about. I sure hope so, because regular dentues of any kind rub my gums until I absolutely cannot stand them. I even got the mini implants with the snap-on denture, but that didn't help. I'm hoping a bridge with the teeth screwed onto the implants and not placed on my gums is going to be the answer for me.

I haven't had any peace or comfort in my mouth for 3 years and it's getting to be more than I can stand. I took my teeth for granted until they were gone and now I am getting to the point that I don't want to live if it's going to be this way much longer. My mouth hurts all the time and I pretty much just hide out in my bedroom and only go out when I absolutely have to. The original bridges were so expensive I couldn't afford them, so I'm hoping these new one's will be cheaper.

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All on 4
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Diane,

Dentures can take some getting used to. Be sure to wear them for a long period of time before deciding you can't wear them at all. Other factors may be that the denture was not made properly in the lab to fit your mouth appropriately. Sometimes this is simple and can be adjusted in your dental office.

An all on 4 dental implant bridge can cover much less surface area on your gums. You may find that you like this much more than a traditional denture, but the gums will still be partially covered. You do not want to smile and then see a large gap under the bridge between the teeth and the gums, because it would not appear natural. In dentistry, the implants are the most like a natural tooth as we can create. Nothing will ever be the same as a real tooth, but the all on 4 dentures are something I would certainly consider for myself if I needed it! The idea of having less of my mouth covered with an appliance means easier talking, eating and tasting my food.

Dental implants
by: Anonymous

is it the same dentists who did the mini implants on you?
if Yes then i would at least ask for second opinion .
any how all on 4 is by far better then having denture.
make sure you pick the right Dr since experience and knowledge will play major roll in attempting to restore function and esthetics.
good luck.

by: David Long CDT

Viso.line is a great product. It is a hybrid product that does have porcelain in it suspended in composite. Porcelain fused to metal bridges are not good for implants, too rigid and tend to have a higher fracture rate. If you use porcelain and it fractures it can't be repaired, you must cut it off and redo it since 99% of the time it is cemented. Acrylic Hybrids are horrible and should be malpractice. This is what most offices use for thier all on 4 bridges. Acrylic dentures were never inted to be permantly screwed into someones mouth. Ask any Dentist if he or she thinks it's a good idea to seat a denture in someones mouth and tell them they never need to take it out and clean it? Although Viso.line can still chip and break it is easily repaired in the mouth and plaque doesn't easily build up on it. Now back to your situation. Is the dr placing the Viso bridge over the minis? No way to screw in on minis, must be cemented. Are tne minis going to be removed and standard implants placed? If you need a secound opinion I would suggest Right Choice Dental Implant Center.

David Long CDT
by: Anonymous

Acrylic hybrids are horrible and should be considered malpractice? Really? I suggest you go to school longer.There are many options available depending on specific needs such as health-allergies, bone quality, overall behaviors, and cost. Until you actually wear the shoes David, I would be careful of what you say.Malpractice- yikes..they talked about you in school.

4 bridges that are implant supported NEW
by: Mike dargenio

Hi my name is mike and I totally know what your going through! My teeth are bad! No matter what I did I would always have a problem with them. Then one of lateral incisors broke off and a dentist ended up removing because had no tooth structure to have a crown put on it!
So I needed to get a implant. Unfortunately the dr left out if you remove one of your top teeth your sinus wall will drop and you will need a sinus lift! I did not find this out until I was going to get the implant done! to save some money I went up to Uconn health center back in oct 2009. It took me a while just to get in, and when I was there for 6 months they transferred me to a specialist because need a lot of work done that they could not do. So in the long run instead of getting one implant I ended up getting "9" implants 2 sinus lifts and two bone grafts one being block where they took off bottom jaw and removed 7 teeth so now i only have 10 of my own teeth!so after all the implants are done 2yrs have gone by I have 4 bridges top and bottom implant supported at tissue level and one at bone level with cantilever for front lateral. Now because it was a school the dr I was assigned to was all done and they had to transfer me to another dr! I was almost done and the dr they transfered me to had to start all over again! you are totally right about you don't realize how important things are until they are gone! The past 3yrs for me have been the worst time in my life! when you are forced to be away from people because the way you look it sucks! At one point I had no interest in life itself! I would never kill my self but at one point I wish I had a life threatening illness! Because if you can't live a normal life then what's the point! I'm still getting work done as we speak now but just about done! I don't know how bad your experience was but can totally understand what your going through!

Hey Anonymous NEW
by: David Long CDT

I have made 1000s of all on 4 bridges, 3D planned, treatment planned, assisted in surgery, placed and serviced 100s of all on for cases. I have more experience than anyone in the US in dental implant dentistry and have fabricated over 200,000 dental implant restorations. I have built more successful dental practices than you will ever work in. If you think you can find a school or instructor that knows more than me I will be glad to sign up.

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