All on 4 procedure - Procedure corrected and have the implants placed differently?

by jim

I did my research and 3 months ago,I had all my teeth pulled, and had 4 upper and 4 lower implants placed..then had teeth attached to the implants...all in the same dayץ

after the procedure, the pain did not last long but the teeth were very uncomfortable.

I had to learn to chew again and the process seemed slow and I expected some pain and discomfort.

BUT -It seemed like my mouth was full of plastic.

Today I went and had the teeth removed for cleaning and realized why my mouth had so much plastic - the 2 the upper and lower front implants were not placed where my teeth once seems the implants were placed in the middle of my mouth..not where my teeth used to be..the dentist told me that there was nothing he could do..I will always have a mouth full of plastic.

I cried on the drive home!

I was told after the procedure was done the teeth would be 95% like real teeth

I basically have dentures screwed into my mouth

I spent much of my saving getting this procedure done.

can I have this procedure corrected and have the implants placed differently??

thanks for the help

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by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Jim,

I'm so sorry about your experience with the denture. Many times people request to have all of their teeth extracted and a full denture placed, not knowing what a huge impact it will make on their entire life (speech, tasting food, etc.)

It sounds like your dentist had a denture created that covers the roof of your mouth. There are dentures available that only cover the arch of where the teeth should be, with the roof area of your mouth left open. You may want to talk with an implant specialist about having this type of a denture created. I would suspect that the implants themselves are fine, and would not need to be re-done entirely (though a new abutment for the denture to rest on may be in store for a different type of denture.)

As far as the plastic feeling, there are only a few different ways for us to make dental appliances and as of yet, none of them are going to feel exactly the same as tooth enamel. It can take several months for you to fully become accustomed to them.

Denture implants
by: David

Call right choice dental implant center. We can correct this for you and give you bridges that feel like your normal teeth.

Thanks NEW
by: Van

Oh that would have been a very uncomfortable situation for sure, replacing all the 8 teeth at the same time. I think you were lucky enough that the pain didn’t lasted for long which is so rare in doing implant surgeries. fashion for play

No matter what kind of dental NEW
by: morris

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You should immediately contact NEW
by: patinson

You should immediately contact a reputed dentist and inform him about the problems you are facing. However, one should be careful while choosing a physician for them. It is wise to opt for reputed physicians who have undergone training programs like DOT medical examiner training.

Often after such procedures NEW
by: modhu

Often after such procedures patients might feel certain level of discomfort. So in such situations it would be better to communicate with the physician. Before undergoing any weight loss surgery or other surgical procedure one should learn all about the pros and cons.

You should immediately contact NEW
by: karina

You should immediately contact good dentists in Brooklyn and consult with him about your problem. Whenever you feel any kind of dental problem you should go to a reputed dental clinic which offers modern procedures.

Right now you have to wait NEW
by: patinson

Right now you have to wait for some time to find out what kind of problem you are facing because of the implants. You should consult a leading dentist in your area for your issues. These days from dentists to neurology specialists, all sorts of physicians could be found online.

Since the procedure is causing NEW
by: katrina

Since the procedure is causing so much discomfort, you have to do something about it. Just make sure that the next dentist you are planning on visiting is experienced enough to handle such issues. The parents especially have to be very cautious, for their child's dental care needs they should choose a reputed dental facility like Weaver and Stratton Pediatric Dentistry which offers braces Jacksonville FL area.

If you are feeling too uncomfortable NEW
by: modhu

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