Am I right or is my dentist right?

by Michael
(Aliquippa, PA, USA)

I recently had an implant and crown done. I can floss under the crown all the way to the post. My dentist says this is normal.
I think he made the crown too short.

Am I right or is my dentist right?

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Your dentist is right
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

I think your dentist is right! But - can you explain in little more or post a picture.
Maintain good hygiene around implant by regular flossing and it won?t harm your prosthesis.

more info
by: Michael

What I mean is that I can floss underneath the crown. Shouldn't it be tight down into the gum so that there isn't any space underneath it?

by: Anonymous

In order to get a definitive answer a periapical x-ray is needed.
By the way - your dentist is probably right this time.

dentist is right NEW
by: Anonymous

I just had an implant installed and my dentist taught me how to floss around it.
We talked at length about exactly what you are asking. I asked if I would expect my gums to attach to my implant.
The answer was no and to always floss right up to the post, and do it often.
FYI. my dentist is also my daughter:)

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