Application of a crown would require cutting into the gum

Three weeks ago, the inside part of my second bicuspid tooth broke off leaving just a bit of the tooth enamel proud of the gum on the inside. The outer side of the tooth is completely intact so the appearance has not been damaged. There was a rather large filling in the interior of the tooth which came out a week or so later. I have had no pain and it doesn't affect my chewing and doesn't catch food.

I had a cleaning this past week and the dentist has recommended a crown, but I am wondering if this is necessary if the application of a crown would require cutting into the gum in order for it to attach properly. I am 57 and have some recession of the gums (mostly 3-4 measurements) though borderline for periodontic care on the molars (6).
By leaving the tooth as is, would it hasten decay? My concern is additional irritation of the gum and unnecessary dental work.

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Crown NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

You need to put a crown on this tooth as quickly as possible. What you are describing is classing old-tooth-with-a-huge-old-filling syndrome. These break out and leave large fractures in the tooth, with the weaker tooth structure exposed. If left untreated this tooth will continue to fracture and/or need a root canal on top of the crown...or worse, it will break completely off leaving no tooth left to treat and require extraction due to infection. If you lose the tooth completely then it would be possible to put a dental implant in this area, but our primary goal is to retain natural teeth when at all possible. You have many years left that you need that tooth for!

crown NEW
by: channingck

My gum is turning yellow after a severe jaw injury during the boxing competition. Is it necessary to consult a doctor? Q Spray Or will it heal itself naturally. But I have no pain in it. But the change in colour makes me crazy.

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