Are dental implants fragile?

Here is the deal, when i was younger I use to do a lot of drugs. Now that i am older my teeth are fragile and just last night my front tooth cracked from the inside. It feels like my teeth are going to break off.

I am so scared that my tooth will just break in half. I have been reading on dental implants and how they get screwed in into your gums and into the root of the old tooth. Would this procedure benefit me or would i still have to be worried about the implants falling off or getting knocked out?

For a while now i have picked up the hobby of boxing, I wear a mouth guard when i am boxing. What other procedures could you recommend for me? Or am i just out of luck? Please help!!

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Extraction and Implant placement.
by: JP

Dental implants are actually inserted into the jawbone itself, not into the tooth. If a tooth is damaged it is extracted (removed) first. Depending on the quality of bone and other surgical considerations, your doctor could extract the tooth and immediately place an implant into that socket, or he/she could fill the area with a type of bone particles and wait several months. During that time, the body will regrow bone in that place and eventually an implant can be inserted into the newly formed bone.

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by: Amy

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Are dental implants fragile? NEW
by: McGuire

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implants fragile NEW
by: Joseph Patrick

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