Average cost of Implants

What is the average cost of Implants for 8 or 10 top teeth or approximate cost.

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lots of factors
by: Anonymous

THe cost for implant placement and restorative work varies greatly. Some of the factors involved:

1. Location (high cost of living where you are means more expensive)
2. Type of implants and other materials used.
3. Amount of customization and lab work required.
4. Difficulty of surgery (if bone grafting, sinus lifting, ridge splitting, or other things are necessary it will be much more)
5. Doctor's market positioning. That means an experienced specialist who does complicated cases is likely to charge more than a general practioner who does simple cases.

Since it sounds like you have a multiple implant case, there are probably a few methods of treatment. Even if you need 8 or 10 teeth replaced, you might not necessarily need 8 or 10 implants. Either way, a case involving that many teeth or implants is going to add up quickly.

If you look at your teeth like an investment, carefully consider your options and all fees before proceeding. Be aware that, some doctors charge surprisingly little for the first part of the surgery (the placement) but then make it up in the second part (the restoration).

implant cost
by: David Long CDT

Average cost for implants and 8-10 teeth $20000 to $80000. Right Choice Dental Implant Center $12500 to $15500.

dental NEW
by: www.mbaessaysamples.com

I can remember my last suffering from the establishing the implants. That's was awful experience!

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