Bar or not?

by Janice

I have 6 implants on top and 4 on the bottom. I'm ready for the teeth(crowns) to be attached and my dentist wants to put a bar on top.
At $6000 my question is do I need it? Would it cost less to have the non-removable method used. After 10 implants, bone grafting, sinus lifting, tissue grafting, I just can't afford this extra 6000.00
Any input would be much appreciated.

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by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Custom made bars are necessary for implant supported overdenture whether in maxilla or mandible, now if you want fixed prosthesis and you have increased crown ht space is more than 15 mm this is the distance for your edentulous ridge to artificial crown top
You need bars ,this your dentist might have calculated
That is the reason he or she is asking for bars to be made
Please send pictures or x -rays with questions ,I might be wrong also in answering ,until and unless I see pics

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