Best adhesives that I might recommend to my dentist

by Susan Beuerlein
(Warner Robins, GA)

About 2 years ago I had 3 molars repaired with implants. An oral surgeon did the work of removing the old teeth, and placement of the abutments to the implants. Growth to the bone went excellent. And finally the crown came in.

Things went great until one came off--I caught that one and returned it to my dentist. He returned it to my mouth and re-glued it. Shortly after that, another came loose, and again I took it to the dentist and it was replaced with glue. During this time, I had no idea that this was a problem that would plague me just about every other month.

Then I mentioned to someone at church that I had to go to a dentist appt. on a day when we were discussing a social occasion. I told them about implants and I was surprised at how many others had them. All agreed, "something was wrong". No one had had a crown fall off. I had lost count of how many times I had taken a trip to have crowns re-glued.

The last couple of times I had crowns fall off it was either during the night or during a time when I was eating. I lost both crowns when I swallowed them. The next time I went and the crown was loose, I went and the dentist dropped the crown straight down my throat. I know he was trying--he had it on an instrument to hold it and it popped off that. He was no more responsible than I was when the others happened.

Shortly thereafter, I spent a while in the hospital because of a small bowel obstruction that was caused by scar tissue. They x-rayed my stomach many times and there the crowns were! They have been in my stomach for over 6 months now...I really do wish I could retrieve them, but I cannot do that without surgery that they say is not necessary. I would have to pay for it myself.

My question is: What are the very best (even if rarely used) adhesives that I might recommend to my dentist. This time he says I have to pay and it is $680 for the lab to do the crowns. Yes, both are off now--have been for 6 months. I had to save for this so I won't be seeing him until August. Please help me help my dentist.

Thank you,
Susan Beuerlein

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Permanent cement NEW
by: Stacey Norrell, RDH


When cementing crowns onto implants some dentists will use a provisional cement that will allow them to remove the crown to access the abutment and screw. Ask your provider if he is using a temporary or permanent cement?

The permanent cement will allow for better retention though will not allow for access to the abutment. My concern also it that the abutment design that you have may not have enough height to efficiently cement the crown for proper retention.

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