Best price on dental implants world wide $695.00

by David Long
(Louisville Kentucky, Jefferson Co.)

4th Street Dental Spa in Louisville Kentucky combines the best price and service on dental implants in a relaxing day spa environment. There is no need to travel to foreign countries with little or no regulations the have affordable dental implants.

Not only are their service affordable but the quality is second to none. Their on-site laboratory has over 25 years experience and uses only the finest quality materials and all the prosthesis are guaranteed.

Single tooth standard implant with high noble porcelain fused to noble crown....$1382.00 US (implant only $695.00)
Single tooth mini implant and porcelain fused to high noble crown.......$1182.00 US (implant only 495.00)
Upper "Snap in" NewU premium denture(free) with 6 implant stabilization...$2970.00 US
Lower "Snap in" NewU premium denture(free) with 4 implant stabilization...$1980.00 US
Bone graft...$250.00 per site
Sinus lift...$800.00 per site

All this with complimentary day spa amenities just above exciting 4th Street Live in Beautiful downtown Louisville Kentucky.

Implants 5 years
Dentures 5 years
Crowns 10 years

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Great dentist
by: Robert

Got my implant retained denture from 4th Street Dental Spa in Louisville ky. Well worth the 3hour drive. local dentist quoted me $25000 for the same procedure and Dr. long only charged me $6000 out of pocket. I'm a truck driver and the even picked me up in their company car from across town where i parked my truck for my free recare appointments. You just can't get service like this anymore. Thanks Dr. long, I love my new smile!

Lifetime guarantee
by: David

4th Street Dental Spa now offers a lifetime guarantee on all implants and crowns.

Great job!
by: Russell

Got implants placed in #9 and #10 where i was missing teeth. Dr. long did a great job and it took less than an hour. Go back in a few weeks to get my crowns and I can't wait! 2 Implants, post and crowns and 2 crowns on the lower only cost me $3032.00. Would have cost me that much for just the implants anywhere else and it didn't hurt at all, especially not my wallet! Thanks again Dr. Long.

How much
by: Anonymous

How much would a full mouth of implants cost

Any complaints?
by: Anonymous

Has there been any issues going to this dentist? It would be a 8 hr drive from NC for me. Just wondering if anyone had a bad outcome from this professional.

Would Like to Know More
by: dianet

I just ran across the ad for this place and it was dated 2009. Is it still there and how can I find out more info about it? I'm interested in a fixed hybrid or maybe a full upper implantation at the right price.

looking for implants
by: Anonymous

I'm looking to have two upper teeth much would it cost? Is this place still open because I live in Alabama?

How much for full mouth implants?
by: John / jaginoz

How much would it cost for, implants in just the complete "upper-jaw"? And how much would it cost for, implants in the "lower-jaw"? And how much would it also cost (aproximently) for both "upper/lower" together or, for complete "full mouth implants?

I'm a US citizen residing in Australia where it's the most expensive place in the world (as far as I'm aware?) to purchase implants, from what I've been able to research at an average cost of, $6000.00 per implant! $4,500.00 is the cheapest that I've been able to find in Australia!

I've been reading about, new technologies where scientists have begun growing teeth from your very own "stem-cell", growing them in a petri dish in a lab and then "injecting" these stem-cells in the particular "socket" where the/your new tooth will be growing! So far, just in rats! But I've read that human trials are imminent!

So, my other question to you is, if one does decide to get implants, will having implants make this procedure "impossible" for the people who've decided get implants? However, if I were to get implants from your center, I will have to also pay for a ticket to, fly from Australia to Kentucky, as well as to pay for a hotel for the period of time required! This would add even more cost to an already expensive procedure! And I don't have much $!

Thank you! I look forward to your prompt reply? John aka; jaginoz

Dental implants
by: David

4th Street Dental Spa has a new name and location! We moved to our new building so we can focus our buisness on just dental implants. We are now Right Choice Dental Implant Center at 802 E. 10th Street in Jeffersonville Indiana

by: broken smiles )-;

Changed name? Moved Office? Better check with BBB about old name and old office before i let them do any work.

by: Anonymous


by: B Long

ive lost all my teeth in a great deal of pain ...i need help bad ...ALL but 2-3 teeth left much to pull out and prep jaws for full dentures ..BEST GUESS is ok ...thank you

by: Anonymous

Glad this site is available to the public. RIGHT CHOOICE DENTAL IMPLANTS is not the place to get any work done. you'll be robbed, and end up paying double to a new dentist to repair and complete the work. If you go to them expect a terrible and expensive esperience.

All glowing reviews on internet were written by them.

Best dentist ever
by: Anonymous

I have been going to David and Dr Tanya for years! They always fit me right in and their prices are lower than corporate companies. David does all the lab work so thats why the prices re so low. I have also wrote reviews on other sites before too so its not them doing it. I even called the University of Louisville school of dentistry where Dr Tanya graduated from and worked for afterwards before I started going to them to have my teeth done and they have nothing but good things to say about her. If you call the office they will tell you the name of the doctor who she used to work for and they will all say good things about her and her work! I am so happy with the smile they gave me and will always be grateful to them.

don't believe the reviews. they write them
by: Anonymous

Unbelievable. They write these reviews. No patient would EVER have this much insight/info on them. BEWARE. BAD NEWS.

Great job ! NEW
by: Mike W from S GA

I really can t believe the negative comments some people make on here . Dr Tanya Long and David Long are great people and do great work !! If you didn t let them complete their job that is your lo$$ . I m sure your new dentist didn t touch you without prior arrangement of payment . You must of tried to rip them off ! they are allready doing you a favor and you bash them like this . I have 5 indivual inplants from them and am very thankful they made it possible . At my home dentist prices i could not have afforded this and was destin for dentures . Thank you so much Dr. Long and David !!

Happy patient NEW
by: Dean O

One year ago I had my lower jaw done by Dr Long. 6 implants and denture. Less than half the cost of the same work in my area. I had the upper done (6 implants and denture) a number of years ago by a Washington DC dental team. Dr. Longs quality of work is comperable, and it looks very good. A year later and my dentist says everything is good. Yes there is pain, etc. but same as much more expensive dentist. It takes 2 trips at least, and you do NOT want to travel until a day of so after. Stay at the Seelbach Hotel, and the night before treat your self to dinner at the Oakroom, Next day, well its rough, but its like that with any dentist doing implants.

I wish the prices were this cheap in San Diego NEW

I need five or six implants, SODA SODA SODA did me in. I hoping soon that someone in socal will provide implants at affordable costs like this dentist. They seem like fair prices after all implants are so fast and quick now it's insane not to drop the prices. An hour to do a few implants? A few visits, wow again. If you know a socal dentist with these prices please let me know. Good luck to all who need implants and can't find a dentist you can afford.

by: Anonymous

All these good things have been said but I can't find their contact. Could someone from their clinic write me at

I need to arrange with them to make a trip there.



another happy patient NEW
by: Anonymous

I've had 9 implants placed by Dr Long and David over the past 3 yrs. I had 1 failure (within 3 mos) which was replaced successfully and immediately. They do what they say and their prices are great. I have no complaints with their service or prices. I will continue to see them for any of my implant needs or maintenance.

Need Help NEW

Hi, My name is Cliff
My tooth bridge was cracked last week, and I'm suffering from the damage, and I have only six teeth left, and the local dentist recommend I should extract them all and just put a conventional denture, but I'm more interested in having them extracted and teeth implanted at the same time
Would this be possible, and I have the X-ray, and would need to know the schedule, costs and procedure..thanks

implant for $695 in the United States! NEW
by: orly noble

I read about the Drs. Long and am interested to pursue the matter since it may save me a trip abroad for my dental needs. Your info sounds good - let's just find out more.

RightChoice NEW
by: Dr. Long

Dental implants for $399 NEW
by: Anonymous

You must all go to Sage Dental in Wall , NJ. This office is the most beautiful office that I have ever seen, it looks like your in the Wynn hotel it's that georgious. The staff they are amazing and you get first class concierge service. The prices are even better. Dr. Israeli who is a world class implantologist saved me thousands of dollars his dental implants are only $399 plus the crown and abutment. Anyone interested can check out his website at

I wonder about warranty NEW
by: Anonymous

If the implants fail after 20 year, what exactly will the warranty cover in repairs?

Dental Clinic & Research Center NEW
by: Dr. Ajay Dental Clinic & Research Center

There is Very Gorgeous Article.
Also this post is very important & informative for me because basically I related with dental profession. Thanks for all of your hard work.

RightChoice Dental Implant Center NEW
by: David Long CDT

A giant leap forward in Dental Technology. Computer guided surgery combined with computer designed restoration have dramatically reduced the cost of Dental Implant Surgery. With our onsite Hitachi CBCT cat scan, 360 imaging computer guided surgery and cadcam designing software we can replace a full arch of missing teeth with a beautiful Evo2 bridge supported by Dental Implants for as Little as $6995. The Evo2 dental implant bridge is nano composite/ceramic bridge with a super strong Tilite reinforced substructure. No one in the world can match oir quality at any price.

Very Impressed NEW
by: Florida girl

I did a lot of research on Dr. Long before I made the commitment to travel to Indiana. I am very impressed with both Dr. long and her husband David. They have worked very hard to work with me to keep me from having to travel a lot of trips. David's work is nothing short of magic, the teeth are beautiful!! My surgery is in Dec and after meeting them I don't have a single reservation about my outcome, I know Dr Long will do excellent work and I will be very happy! I would recommend them to everyone. If you would like a personal review from me, pls send me your email and I will be happy to answer you back.

Very Impressed NEW
by: Florida girl

I did a lot of research on Dr. Long before I made the commitment to travel to Indiana. I am very impressed with both Dr. long and her husband David. They have worked very hard to work with me to keep me from having to travel a lot of trips. David's work is nothing short of magic, the teeth are beautiful!! My surgery is in Dec and after meeting them I don't have a single reservation about my outcome, I know Dr Long will do excellent work and I will be very happy! I would recommend them to everyone. If you would like a personal review from me, pls send me your email and I will be happy to answer you back.

$995 dental implant abutment and crown NEW
by: David

We've added even more new technology to our office! You can now get a Dental implant, custom zirconia abutment and zirconia crown all with 3D guided surgery for $995. No incisions, no impression goop all digital dentistry with on site state of the art milling center.

Current costs, etc., from Florida NEW
by: Jim

I am interested in speaking with the Dr. regarding implants and travel from Florida. I can't seem to find the number.

Need5 implants NEW
by: Anonymous

Could I schedule an Appointment for four implants?

Thank you.

Carol H. Sleezer
14699 Meadow Lane
Yorkville, ILL. 60560

contact information for Dr. Long NEW
by: bel

Can someone please help me with the contact information for Dr. Long? Phone number? Thank you very much for your help.

average cost NEW
by: duplesis

So the average cost of dental implantation is around $1000. But when I searched in Philadelphia I saw a board at a dental hospital offering very low cost for the implantation. And their rate was around $700. Everyone told me try there. Bu I think they are fake.cannot receive email in outlook

Will and Ben NEW
by: Will Stockdale

Hey Ben, maybe you'll get to like the Air Force. Zooming all over the sky and shouting ROGER and WILCO and everything. Maybe it won't be so bad.

So Low and So High!! NEW
by: Danny Colson

I heard that the best prices are in Singapore. And USA proves to be the most preferred homecare arizona costliest place to get a dental implant. Well, I knew that US is the most costly place to get an implant done. But I never knew that Singapore was the cheapest.

RightChoice Dental Implant Center NEW
by: David

Local patients only.

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by: Anonymous

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Deakin NEW
by: Anonymous

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Contact ? NEW
by: Anonymous

Is this legit? Just one naysayer can scare me away. Hope to find contact info and set up consultation.

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by: Anonymous

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I would like NEW
by: Watkins

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best colon cleanse NEW
by: Anonymous

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full mouth implant upper an lower NEW
by: LeRoy

Hello , anyone know where I can go get a good price on , full mouth dental implant, upper and lower , anywhere in the world ?? all on or 6 or which ever procedure I can get ??

Retired Firfighter, BS Geography, with 4 minors, phd in aviation. NEW
by: Anonymous

5 yrs. ago I had 4 implants done for $1000/ total. Very happy with the work, two visits..
Done by the professor at Wuhan dental school in Wuhan, China.
It is much better in quality ,Yesss
Only 2 Visits,Air fair was about $600 rt/ Bejing and a short train ride to Wuhan. Stay at Jin Juane inns, nation wide for very low rates.
So there is my truthful message, tie chin, I am a retired Firefighter\engineer/Paramedic
Any questions 808-658-0945 Mobil

Please let this be NEW
by: Anonymous

So one single front top tooth implant it's only$695.00 and no more for tooth and screw

Explanation of a Dental Implant NEW
by: Dr Eric Martin

To Whom It May Concern:

I would greatly appreciate your reply regarding what exactly the total price is for a dental implant. It would appear that this is a game where exact information is not provided to the consumer so that he or she is not able to understand the procedure and/or exact charges for an individual dental implant.

I look forward to hearing from you, at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Dr. Eric T. Martin
7-12-17 / 7:00 PM EST

More Information NEW
by: Dee Patterson

Go to their website for more information. It's no hidden secret.
Right Choice Dental Center
1805 E 10th St
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
(812) 725-7500

dental implants NEW
by: keith brumbalow

hello I just ran across your add and I'm interested in either replacing my missing teeth or possibly having my remaining teeth pulled and getting over dentures.i think I'm leaning towards having them all replaced .can you send me a phone number so I can contact you so that I may set something up as soon as possible. if possible I would like a rough estimate but it can wait till we talk.I do want the porclean. my number is 6783005506 or to leave a message call 7708898104

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