bite will be affected?

by SIS

I have to have my last molar removed on the bottom of my mouth. The tooth has a fracture. I am 44 years old. What are the chances if I don’t have an implant put in that my teeth will move or that my bite will be affected?
I'm not sure the benefits will out way the cost in this situation. This tooth has already had a root canal and a crown and with this pulling, implant and new crown, the cost of this tooth will be approx. $6000.

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Teeth shifting
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Sis,

I'm going to assume that you've had your 3rd molars, or wisdom teeth previously removed (most people have). If this is what we call a 2nd molar, then if it is removed the tooth above it will not have a parter to bite against. This over time can cause the top tooth to super-erupt out of the mouth looking for something lower down to bite against. That brings on another wave of problems when the time arises. For areas like these, when a back tooth is extracted, the next molar usually does not shift. The problem with the tooth next to it shifting is if a tooth is removed between 2 other teeth, and the 2 teeth shift some to fill in the area. That being said,there is still a slight possibility that the next molar ("first molar") could shift a tiny amount. An implant placed where your extraction was performed could help prevent the upper tooth from supererupting.

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