Bleeding after abutment placement, and changing caps

by Manuela
(Lisbon, Portugal)

Bleeding after abutment placement, and changing caps:

I had my implants (3)placed on October last year. The surgery was ok. Last week, on Thursday the implants were uncovered and the abutment was attached. This second small surgery went well, but after 2 hours, at home, I started to bleed very much. I made compression with cotton like my dentist advice me to, but the bleeding persisted.

I went again to the practice, he was surprised with so many blood and clots, cleaned the gums and decided to replace the caps. He told me it could be caused because the caps post were too tight and also decided to change them for an other size, bigger than the previous ones. He said, that maybe they were too small and have been injured the gums. (I hope this was the reason.)

As soon as he changed them, after 5 minutes I stopped bleeding.
What is your opinion about that?

I have an other question: today I realize that one of the caps is missing, I was brushing carefully my teeth, and after finish I noticed that. What can happen without this protection? I have a new appointment next week on Tuesday to make the impressions for the crowns, should I wait until there or go as soon as possible?

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by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Manuela,

It sounds like the other size in crowns was exactly what you needed. Sometimes if crowns are too far into the gums it can cause the gums to be irritated and swell (resulting in tissue detachment). Your dentist probably placed a temporary crown on it since you're returning for the impression for a permanent one soon. You shouldn't have to worry about protecting the abutments at all. Just take care to not chew with that area of your mouth until you have a crown placed back on them.

Take especially good care to clean underneath and between your implants - with floss or a waterpik. Keeping plaque out from under the crowns will help the gums to stay healthy and extend the life of your implant.

by: Manuela

Hi Sharon,

thanks for your prompt reply and your advice for the good care of the implants. In fact my dentist confirmed also what you say: that he needed to replace them because they were really pushing the gum, so he had to relieve the pressure. On my last appointment he made the impressions for the laboratory to perform the permanent ceramic crowns on teeth 36, 46 and 47.

In May 2009 I started an orthodontic treatment with braces and maxillary Le Fort I osteotomy due to TM J disorder which was becoming unbearable. After the enlargement and rotation of the maxilla, I'm now in the final phase of the treatment and as you can imagine, I'm very much excited to finally get my crowns placed correctly and may have a good dental occlusion.

It feels good this site exists and with it, the possibility to be well and properly informed, once again, thanks.

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by: marko

Recently i have undergone a under jaw dental implant. Now it is been 4 week since the surgery was done. I feel severe pain under my jay and there is a smallBirchmeier backpack sprayer bleeding through the implanted part. Is this a serious issue? I am so scared about this.

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