Bleeding after abutment placement

I had my implant placed 4 months ago,it has healed very clean without problem. 3 days ago,my dentist placed the abutment. I started bleeding few hours later although not heavy but steadily,went back to the dentist the next day,he worked on the bleeding by cleaning the area and applied glue(human?),it got worse few hours later and bled overnight although still not heavy,just oozing blood. The whole morning went without signs of bleeding but in the afternoon, started seeing blood again in my mouth and has not stopped,again,not heavy. Is this normal.Could I get infection from this? How do I stop the bleeding?

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No, it is not an infection
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Clot is getting disturbed again and again ,have patience ,just apply ice packs

reply NEW
by: Andy

I had a dental implant placement recently and I was also facing the problem of bleeding after the placement of the abutment. In my opinion, this is quite normal and the bleeding will subside after a few days. It is always good to take a second opinion. ICD 10 Preparation

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by: bisty

I am going through the same problem. I would like to know if this process is painful or not. I am just too afraid to undergo this dental procedure. I have an appointment next week and I want to know about this before that. Please do reply. Medical billing and coding companies

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