Bone graft question

What does the dental bone graft look like?

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Pictures of bone graft
by: Anonymous

Ceck out the link on the bottom - copy and paste it to your browser-


or search on the top right (search this website) for - Dental Bone Graft : there are pictures there.

Bone Graft
by: h. ryan kazemi

Bone graft materials look like calcified granules usually provided in sterile bottle from the company. They are used for regeneration of bone. They are usually white or tan in color.


thank you NEW
by: nick jhones

The link was awesome. Actually I was not aware of this bone graft and all. Next month I am planning to undergo an implantation. And I am so curious about the terms and experiences of the implantations. Actually I am feeling so confused about it.ICD 10 Preparation

I have checked the pictures NEW
by: Anonymous

I have checked the pictures provided in the link, and i was literally shocked to gaze them. Even i have no idea on bone graft, just came to know them. My cousin who work with suggested me here for all sort of dental issues a better solution. I am thankful to you for each share.

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