Bone Graft Sinus Lifts

by Diane
(Hillsville, VA)

I currently have 4 upper mini implants with a "snap-on denture". It's not working very well so I've decided to do 6 traditional (big) implants and then a fixed hybrid bridge.

The oral surgeon I consulted with seemed to think there was no question I would have to have a sinus lift done on both sides first, heal for a while, and then do the implants. I assume this is because I've had the mini's (I've only had them for 7 months).

Has anyone else ever had this done or is there a Dr out there that knows anything about this? The dentist that referred him said he was the best in the area and I drove 120 miles to see him. I hate the thought of trying to go somewhere else for another consult, this whole thing is getting exhausting and VERY expensive.

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Sinus Lift

Your maxillary sinus could have dropped down, so your oral surgeon is recommending sinus lift. Yes you have got to wait before loading implants as it takes time to heal with bone grafts - six months minimum.

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