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Bone Grafting
by: Professor BD

Most bone grafting(augmentation) procedures involve the use of bone grafts. The best material for a bone graft is your own bone, which most likely will come from your chin or ramus (the back part of your lower jaw).

If your dentist cannot get enough bone from these areas, he or she may need to get bone from your hip or shin bone (tibia) instead. The hip is considered to be a better source because the hip bone has a lot of marrow (soft tissue within the bone), which contains bone-forming cells.

If you don't like the idea of having bone removed from your body to be placed in your jaw, there are other options available to you. Your dentist can use materials made from the bone of human cadavers or cows.There are also synthetic materials that can be used for bone grafting.

While most dentists prefer using a person's own bone, possibly in combination with other materials, the choice is yours. You should discuss your options and their risks and benefits with your dentist before any procedures are done.

Good Luck

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