Born without the teeth on both sides of my two front teeth

I have just turned 18 and I was born without the teeth on both sides of my two front teeth. I have a clear plate but It's a struggle to eat and it's too embarrassing to take out. Not one person knows about it but my mum and dad. I want it fixed and I don't want to have to have this plate.

What should I do?

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Missing Teeth
by: Sharon B., RDH

The teeth that you mention are one of the most common teeth to have naturally missing from the mouth. It's wonderful that you've been wearing a plate, as it has prevented the other teeth from shifting into this area, leaving an awkwardly sized gap. Because of this you would be a prime candidate for 2 dental implants to replace the missing teeth. You would no longer need to wear the plate and the crowns will be matched to your other existing teeth. Dental implants are much more comfortable and natural compared to other types of tooth replacement.

by: David

The difficulty in replacing congenitally missin later incisors with implants is that a majority of people with this condition have bone that is too narrow. We've had pretty good luck with mini implants in these spaces. Sometimes you will need block grafting to get standard implants in place.


You have missing lateral incisors, now there are three methods- 1) You go for fixed orthodontic treatment and close the space that will be decided by orthodontist. 2) Go for implants. 3) Go for fixed prosthesis by taking support from adjacent teeth ,or go for resin retained prosthesis\all are fixed

Implants NEW
by: Anonymous

I was born with one of those teeth missing. I'm 26 now but when I was younger I had the same struggles. You should look into dental implants. That's what I have an its wonderful! Makes me feel whole. They can be costly but well worth it!

good NEW
by: Shanon Borch

Well managing for a while without these teethes are going to be difficult but I can assure you that things are going to be good soon when you have a new set of teethes grown or can be replaced with artificial ones.brake fluid flush in hollywood

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by: Anonymous

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