Bottom right molar implant

by Daria
(Revere, MA)

molar implant

molar implant

molar implant

Dentist recommended bottom right molar implant.. HELP!

So I just came back from my new dentist, and I’m horrified about what he said. Here’s my story; about a year ago I switched dentists because I’m 19 now, so I can no longer go to my children’s dental place which I loved, so sad! I had a cleaning at my new dentist’s office a few months ago, everything was normal clean as a whistle no problems found by the hygienist. She scheduled me for a follow up with the dentist, which I just came back from today.

I walked in thinking it was just another cleaning or something. Guy dentists scare me, especially since I have never met him before. So I sat down and the dentist was poking around my teeth per usual checking them out and commented on the bottom right molar I had removed. He asked me a bunch of questions about it and wanted to know the date I had it removed. I don’t remember the exact date, but it had to have been a few years ago, maybe three or four.

With my previous dentist I remember him mentioning an implant, I just never really thought it would be a big deal. So my new dentist proceeded to show me the x-ray of that area, and I was shocked at how they are really tilting towards the space. He recommended I go see a periodontist for a consultation about an implant. He briefly mentioned the procedure, which I found to be mortifying, and even worse, the high cost.

After seeing the x-ray I am freaking out because he said the more that the teeth around it lean towards the space it will create more spaces between the teeth behind them causing cavities and more problems etc.. I’m completely confused and don't know what to do. I've never had any surgeries for absolutely anything besides my tooth extraction.

I want to get a couple other opinions on the subject and if it is definitely necessary to get an implant. I am very scared to do the surgery especially after reading some people's comments about it, not to mention around 3000 bucks per implant isn't really in the ballpark for a 19 year old like me going to school.

So please help before I go insane!!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


( tried taking some pics of the space in between my teeth where the molar was, it definitely has gotten smaller! )

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Over Kill NEW
by: dianec

From what you are saying and from the photo, it sounds like your dentist is a bit of a scare monger. And the price is ridiculous. I had to have back molars pulled years ago and every dentist I go to mentions partials or implants but they don't push the issue. I think you should get a second opinion. Don't let him scare you into spending a lot of money without checking with other dentists first.

Shifting Teeth NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Daria,

It is true that the longer the space is there, the more the teeth throughout the mouth will shift in order to compensate for the space. Honestly, the space that you have right now is not very large and it would be a very small implant. You may want to get a second opinion for something like a mini-implant. Prices for implants are going to vary depending on your area and it may vary hundreds of dollars depending on the cost of living there.

With you being so young it might be in your best option to complete orthodontic therapy (braces) to move all of the teeth into their desired position, and then placing an implant if needed. Sometimes orthodontists are able to move teeth back into these spaces.

Reply NEW
by: Anonymous

This should not cost much for you. But from what I have seen in this picture, you do have enough space to do a proper implant. They might be able to do an implant but it will feel uncomfortable for you. EMR Software

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Bottom right molar implant NEW
by: Anonymous

I am scared to watch this moral implant. One of my brother has gone through this implant who was suppose to write my paper reviews. It's a painful process.

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