Bridge on #18, 19 & 20

by Lidiya

Hello doc,
I have a bridge on #18, 19 & 20 that is 4 years old. A couple of weeks ago at the cleaning I was told that #20 was decayed & had to be fixed. The dentist who did the bridge (not at the office where I cleaned my teeth) after looking at x-ray advised to section the bridge & leave #18 covered by the portion of that bridge, put implant on #19 & try to save #20 building it up and covering with a new crown.

She has just recently started doing implants (have done a couple of dozens of them) and still does them under supervision. I am not that comfortable to do an implant with her but it's a lot cheaper. Another dentist who did a very good looking bridge on one tooth (#8 & 7) about 5-6 years ago also advised to section the bridge & leave #18 covered by the portion of that bridge, put implant on #19, pull out #20 (did a couple of x-ray at his office & said the tooth is almost completely destroyed) & do implant on #20 also. Hard to believe # 20 is completely destroyed because 11 months old x-ray did not show anything wrong with it. Though, it was very nice of him not to charge me for x-rays.

Unfortunately, he doesn't do implants either & has to refer me to a dentist who is also a professor at MU. Must be pretty experienced. But it’s a Very expensive job!

The 3rd dentist (he's been doing implants for a while) without looking at x-ray (I did not have a copy at my complimentary consultation) after examining the bridge said there is no way to put implant on #19. I mean. the place where #19 was because that place has been under the bridge for so long (probably more than 15 years all together with a new 4 years old that replaced the old one) that the bone got shrunk & there is not enough place for implant - Is that true???

He advised to take the bridge off, extract #20, replace bone GRA (don't know what it means), and put implant on #20 & a new bridge on #18,19 & 20. A little bit less expensive, though implant itself only costs $1626.
Option of the bridge on 4 teeth (#18, 19, 20 & healthy #21) none of the dentists has considered as a good choice.
I would greatly appreciate if you could respond & help me in finding the best choice. Thank you, Lidiya

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so confusing NEW
by: fedrick

Oh this is so confusing. I have these same situations. However, I feel ok now. Thanks to the dentist who treated me. He was a great man who always suggests me with some positive tricks and techniques of implantation.He is a great man.

bad situation NEW

Yeah as I can see you have some problems. I could only advice you to change dentist But it obviously will be more expensive.

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