Broke part of the internal hex

I have an implant that was placed 18 years ago top front tooth # 9. About two years ago I bend the screw holding the abutment to the implant and broke part of the internal hex in the implant. Is there a custom abutment and screw that can be made to take care of this problem or do I need to have the implant replaced?

My dentist and oral surgeon belive the only way to fix the problem is replace the implant and start over, the implant is not loose in the bone.


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Abutment NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Robert,

I would err on the side of caution here and go with the advice that your dentist and oral surgeon have suggested. There really isn't such a thing as a custom dental implant abutment...and if it was attempted I would be afraid that it would just fail. The wisest decision would be to replace it completely, so that you would know it would be successful in the long run.

custom abutment NEW
by: David Long CDT

Custom abutments are made to fit the hex portion of the implantvery precisely. Is it an internal or external hex? I would have to see the implant to tell if it something that can be saved.

hold on NEW
by: Anonymous m

dont rush into extracting the implant.this is an irreversible act!
it maybe so that a custom abutment is an option after all.
i would consult with dental lab specialist that is dealing with complicate implant cases...
you may get to the same conclusion as your doctors however checking all option is your duty.

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