Broken dental implant abutment

Broken dental implant abutment problem:

I have three implants starting with the front tooth and the two next to it.My dentist screwed the abutments in today and the middle one broke off even with the implant.He tried everything he had on hand to remove it.The screwed in part that's left is,broken off even with the implant.

He's going to contact the lab and see if they have something to help remove it. It's loose but just will not back out.What are my options.I really don't want to just use the two and put in a bridge.He said he could leave the implant in so to retain bone mass and use a bridge. If I decide to remove the whole implant and replace it with a new one would there be complications?

This is very frustrating - It's been almost a year long wait dealing with this temporary parcial plate.

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Broken Implant Abutment
by: Sharon B., RDH

How frustrating. Your dentist did well calling the dental lab. Something like this is very difficult for a dentist to remove. The lab may be able to assist in a method to take the broken abutment out. Otherwise it would be best to leave the implant rather than to surgically remove it and replace it with a different one...that would not be proactive for the bone health around the implant. In that case a bridge would be best, but hopefully the lab can assist in the removal of the broken abutment.

Fracture of dental implants NEW
by: Daniel Rittel

Fracture of dental implants is a severe problem that is not so rare as one would like to believe.
Time has come to study seriously this issue, even if it is not epidemic for sure, but yet a real headache for both the patient and the dentist.
You can find preliminary information in that link:
Good luck.

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