Can dental implants shift?

by Tom Lafleur
(Springfield, MA)

I had my dental implant done about 10 years ago on #8 tooth. I had caps put on my #9 and #7. My #7 crown broke and I had it replaced. There is no mesial gap on either side of my new crown #7 and it is made out of both metal and porcelain.

My question is: I've been having this very uncomfortable feeling (not pain) Almost like there is pressure or the metal in the crown is bothering me, or the crown is putting pressure on my #8 implant. I am getting a space between my #8 & #9 in the front.

Can dental implants shift? Is it possible that my implant could be turning from this? Or shifting? Should there be a gap left between my #7 crown and # 8 implant? I can't figure it out.

Thank you for any info on what may be happening. I have a new dentist that did the new #7 crown and I'm not sure if it is too big for the area or if I may be allergic to the metal.. Thank you, Perplexed

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dental implants shift NEW
by: Anonymous

It sounds like the new crown was a slight bit larger, which makes it feel tight. If that is the case, then it will gradually loosen up. Another option is to ask the dentist if he can reduce the sides of the crown, which is pretty easily done with the crown in place.
hope this helps. from what I know, it would take a huge amount of pressure for the implant to shift, so I wouldn't worry about shifting.

Shifting NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Tom,

There can be many different reasons why there is shifting in the teeth. Gum disease, periapical abscesses and missing teeth are all factors that could cause teeth to drift and shift. Bone health may be changing and causing some differences in the way the teeth fit together. Over time we also have a tendency to have teeth shift toward the midline. If the tooth has shifted in a small period of time, your dentist will need to evaluate the size, shape and whether or not the crown is cemented properly or needs to be re-seated. If it was only noticeable immediately after the crown was placed and it is not due to the shape of the new crown, you may have had generalized shifting from other dental health concerns that your dentist should address (such as gum disease).

hey there NEW
by: tani

I think the new crown you got is not the correct size for you. You should have made sure, if it is the right one for you. Because, if it is off right shape then it might have a conflict with the other crown in eight and this is what is creating the discomfort. ICD 10 Codes

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