Can I wait for the tooth to fall out on its own before getting an implant?

The tooth right next to my front top center tooth had a root canal about three or four years ago. My dentist (who does not do implants) said that it has decayed now and is only being held in place by the "post." I asked how long before it went and he said a day or ten years.

Can I wait for the tooth to fall out on its own before getting an implant? If I do this, will it damage my chances of getting a successful implant? Since it does not bother me, I'd like to risk it staying in as long as possible since it will be pricey. Will this affect bacteria for my other teeth? Will it affect the bone structure? Is there any good reason to have it taken out now?

I have read about the bone structure, and don't know if this will affect anything with that.

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Delaying Dental Implant NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

A "post" is not a dental implant. It is simply a structural piece used to help make the tooth more stable in order to keep the tooth longer, and extend its life. I would highly recommend having the post done as soon as possible in order to extend the life of the tooth. The post is a piece build up on the root of the tooth, to place the crown on...once again, it is not a dental implant and not related to it at all. If you do not have the post placed, the tooth will most likely break apart very soon and leave a fractured root that will need to be extracted, and then you will be talking about an implant or other tooth replacement method (bridge, partial denture, etc.)

Clarification NEW
by: Anonymous

Maybe I said that wrong. I had a root canal already on the tooth three years ago, but my own tooth is still there (no crown). Now my dentist says there is a lot of decay in the tooth and it is just barely holding on. And I guess there's not enough there to put a crown on. He wants to do a bridge, but I don't want to damage my good teeth surrounding it. When it comes out I want to do an implant instead of a bridge. But will waiting til it just falls out make it too damaged to do an implant? Maybe that explains it better. Thanks

Post and Implant NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

If he can put a post on the remaining tooth (that has the RCT) and do a build up to put the crown on , this would be best. Waiting for any treatment at all will cause further decay that may spread to surrounding teeth. If he thinks the post won't work and that the tooth must come out completely, then get it out soon before the decay spreads and causes other teeth to decay.

by: cRrtan

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Dental Implant NEW
by: Anonymous

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