Can One Dental Implant Hold A Lower Denture?

by Florence
(Colorado Springs, CO)

I have been under dental care since 4-09. I had 22 teeth removed, I am 46 years old and was fitted for dentures. The dentist also recommended dental implants to hold the lower denture. 3 implants failed , 1 "took".

My dentist is leaving me with 1 implant to "hold" my lower denture and he will no longer see me, "there is nothing else he can do for me". Can one dental implant hold my lower denture?

I paid thousands of dollars for this work and the dentist admits he will NEVER work on me again.

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Humble Advice
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

I think you ask your dentist to give you the lower denture with that implant , yes you can have denture, with single implant ,but its longevity is doubtful

reply NEW
by: Sony

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Can One Dental Implant Hold A Lower Denture? NEW
by: William

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by: Anonymous

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by: Anonymous

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Can One Dental Implant Hold A Lower Denture? NEW
by: Anonymous

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