Can the angle of the implant be fixed

(Venice, FL)

I had two sinus lifts and bone graft. I had 8 implants to use for a screwed in bridge in upper jaw. However, the lab says it can only use 3 implants (One in right back tooth and 2 in left back teeth) for screws because the other five are at an angle that the screw would protrude through the prosthetic.
Can the angle of the implant be fixed?

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Angle of Implants
by: Sharon B., RDH

Do you have a copy of the x-ray? This is difficult to answer correctly without seeing the position of your teeth.

If not what I would tell you is that if the bridge was already made it can't be used with the 8 implants. You would need to have a new bridge made to fit your current implants. Once implants are placed in the bone and the bone structure has materialized around the implant, the implant isn't something that can be just have to work around it.

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