Candidate For Dental Implants

by Linda

Who is the right candidate for dental implants?

Hi, I just had my second attempt of a dental implant being placed in my mouth after the first try did not succeed. The dentist had removed the first implant easily.I already had bone graft material added a couple of times on the first try.

The second input was on Dec 03, 2009. Last week, I started having pain again that were similar to the first try in late 2008. Now the pain is increasing in time and intensity. I saw the dentist yesterday and had been x-rayed.He said that it does not appear to be anything wrong visually nor are there any infections.

He might have to remove it again. Each process is costing me additional money. What are the chances that I am not a good candidate for dental implants based on these two rejections? Thanks.

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Dentist Training
by: dr farhan durrani

It all depends on how your dentist is diagnosing and planning the case. You must evaluate your condition with a certified dental implant dentist -
consider a fellow/member of American academy of implant dentistry, or ask your dentist what implant system is used - and let me know.

Dental implant
by: Anonymous

Hi i just had two dental implants done three months ago . I have some numbness on my chin some times my mouth gets clenched and I get some headache . I never had these symptoms before . Do you think all this are from the implant ?

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