Cannabis and dental implants

My question regarding Cannabis and dental implants.

During the healing process of the first stage of implants (the screws being screwed in), is it okay for the patient to inhale vaporized cannabis?

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Cannabis and dental implants
by: Dr. S

Smoking isn’t recommended during the early stages of the healing process after dental implant surgery for a few reasons:
• The smoke from the cigarettes dries up the gums and soft tissue in the mouth – This is bad for blood circulation in the implant area and causes less blood from being supplied to the implant area. Optimal blood supply is crucial for successful bone regeneration.

• Inhaling cigarette smoke generates back pressure / vacuum forces that are not natural to the physiology of our teeth/jaw. These pressures are bad for the newly implanted teeth – especially when the implant is not fully osseointegrated(attached) with the bone.

Dr. S

didn't answer question
by: Anonymous

you didn't properly answer the question, which is disappointing because it's exactly the issue i have.Is cannabis vapor as problematic for gums as smoke? it is significantly less harsh on the lungs, but I do not know about the mouth.

by: Dr S

I don't know which is worse for new implants (cigarettes or cannabis)! But i do know that both are bad for new placed implants!

Hope this helps

Iteration NEW
by: Anonymous

wow dr. s please read the questions.

Question it ok to Vaporize? as in using a vaporizer as opposed to smoking marijuana.

"Vaporization is an alternative to burning (smoking) that avoids the production of irritating toxic and carcinogenic by-products by heating the material so its active compounds boil off into a vapor."

Thank you

Reply NEW
by: Jinz

Smoking is not good for health and especially for the dental care. So I don’t think that it is good for the patient to inhale vaporized cannabis. I am sure that it will be harmful. Try to please avoid that. how to fix internet explorer on windows 8

Don't Smoke!! NEW
by: Brain Back

It is definitely not ok. I mean, it will only slow the healing process and make the orkopina house cleaning healing place a dead cell market. So do not inhale cannabis during this time. In fact never smoke it.

Not helpful. NEW
by: Anonymous

Terrible, terrible answers. Completely useless. Just wow.

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