Cantilever bridge

by Mrs Kobayashi

I have a failing bridge on my UR1,2,3. Ur3 needs to be extracted which I want to replace with an implant. I have been recommended to have a cantilever bridge on this implant to replace my missing UR2. with a separate crown on UR1. Two dentists have recommended this option.

A third dentist has recommended two separate implants on UR3 & 2. As they argue that the physics of a cantilever bridge and the pressure on one implant (bla bla bla)! isn't guaranteed to last and they don't recommend doing just one implant and cant guarantee it. Also they think aesthetically it will look better with two separate implants. But the previous dentist who recommended the cantilever bridge thinks it will look aesthetically better with a cantilever.

Please help don't know which option to go for. although the quote for the two separate implants is cheaper! but I did feel a bit more comfortable with the dentist who recommended the cantilever option.

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by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Individual implants are always btter functionally as well as esthetically ,but lateral incisor from canine is a well documented option.
You can go for it ,it depends on your bone quality plus your dentists expertise

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by: Dave

If I have this situation I will go for the individual implant. It may be a long process and costly but the final ICD 10 Codes result will be good. I have done it few years ago and still it has no issues.

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by: Anonymous

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