Case Study question

by Parul Patel

Ray, an 10 year-old male, was in a bicycle accident and severely chipped the medial incisors of his upper jaw. In both cases, only a small stub of each tooth remains. It was decided that both teeth would be capped by a crown. An impression was made that was used to fabricate the crowns. The crowns were then fitted and cemented into place.

1. How would you capped the teeth by a crown?
2. What is fabricate the crowns means?
3. what it means by medial incisors of his upper jaw?

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Capped incisor
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Chipped incisors means fractured incisors. It depends how much was fractured, there are several methods for attaching a crown ,it depend on the size of the crack, if it's too close to the gums prognosis is not to good ,you got to attach post and core and the crown, if it is half way then take an x-ray, and get a root canal. Build a crown with composite or GIC glass ionomer cement and then crown.,
It would be better if you send us clinical picture.

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