Cement type for dental implant restoration

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I had one implant and after 2 years, the crown got out while I was eating. I went back to the dentist and he said that it is normal because he used temporary cement. I asked him to put the permanent cement but he recommended the temporary again!

Before he installed the crown back he tightened the abutment , he mentioned that this procedure is common. While he applied the permanent cement which he is not recommending, after one day the tissue got inflamed hardly and I suffered from a severe pain around the area.

I went back again after 5 days; he said that there was excess cement around the abutment, that is why the inflammation happened.What he performed during this visit:
1) He removed out the crown, (Luckily this step finished without any damages).
2) Then he removed the abutment,
3) He checked the implant pocket, (the inspection happened with practical metal peace also with Radiology). The pocket was found around 0.5 mm.
4) Then he purged the area then he installed a new heeling cap, (the cap was recommended to control the tissue shape around the area).
5) Now he is suggesting to keep the things as it is, then after one week he needs to fix a new abutment with other dimension, (the recent is shorter).
6) Then he will take a new assessment for a new crown.

Please someone can advise me about the above mentioned procedure.

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Cement NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Hussam,

It is very normal to use temporary cement on a permanent appliance. I agree that the tissue irritation was due to excess cement that needed to be removed. Placing the healing cap and allowing the tissue to calm down sounds like a good plan. What I don't understand though is why there needs to be a new abutment and a new crown fabricated unless you only had a temporary crown put in the first place. Your crown should fit the same abutment and be able to be recemented unless something broke off of the abutment. If it were me I would ask why the same crown could not be recemented onto the tooth. Replacing a permanent crown after only 2 years is not normal.

platform switching NEW

your dentist could have realized that there is bone loss around implants ,this part is not told to you,now he wants to put a new abutment with shorter diameter ,my guess ,as new abutment with shorter diameter will prevent further bone loss ,new concept BUT THIS A GUESS ,JUST CHECK WITH YOUR DENTIST,OR SOME COMPONENT IS DAMAGED

Dental Implants India NEW
by: Claire

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Thanks NEW
by: Hugo

They always use these temporary cements at first, as the implants take some time to get used with our tissues and by using temporary cements they are giving time for this matching. And once it is adapted to the tissue they will cement with permanent ones. Electronic Health Records

dental implant NEW
by: Anonymous

It is normal to use temporary cement for dental implant. Some times excess cement may create irritation and gives lot of pain in such case visit your dentist immediately. I learned the information from write my essays. I believe dental surgeon's suggestions and done what he said. Now I am feeling very well.

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