A Cheap Dental Implant

This is where you'll find out how to get a cheap dental implant!

By saying cheap dental implants - I mean that compared to a dental implant average cost, you can save lots of $$$ and get the same results with a cheaper treatment just by following these ideas:

save money on dental implants
  • Number of specialists/clinics involved in the whole dental implant procedure- A dental implant procedure is built up of different stages. The whole procedure can be completed by several specialists from different clinics, each performing his expertise or it can be performed by a single dentist who is skilled in all of the stages of the procedure. Obviously a single dentist's/clinic's plan will cost less than going to different specialists in different clinics.

  • A second opinion - It is recommended to get a second opinion and a second price offer.

  • A dedicated dental implant clinic vs. a general dentist's clinic - dedicated dental implant clinics specialize in implants. It is their core business and they treat lots of implant patients. Their prices are usually cheaper than a general dentist who places implants occasionally .
    A dedicated dental implant clinic usually has a few specialists on board. Each specialist performs his part in the procedure. Usually an oral surgeon or a periodontist will perform the surgery and later on the prosthodontist will restore the dental implants.

  • Location - Sometimes the location of the clinic can be a factor in pricing. Look for clinics in your area that are in the suburbs rather than in the middle of the city.

  • 1 , 2 , 3 or 4 implants? - Any case can be planned and treated differently according to the patient's needs and budget. Ask the dentist to tell you all of your treatment options. Ex: a patient missing 4 teeth can have 4 single implants, each of them restored separately as a single tooth or it can be planned with 3 or even 2 implants and building a crown and bridge structure on top of them. Each treatment plan will vary in price- typically the fewer the implants the cheaper the treatment.

    The following video is a good example of a case being planned using 2 implants and building a 3 tooth bridge structure on them. The same case could be planned and performed using 3 single crowns mounted on top of 3 separate implants - this treatment plan would increase the total cost.

  • Negotiate - Remember!!! you can always negotiate the price. If a single implant is XXX$ and you are getting 4, you can negotiate the price down since you are getting a few. Be polite and not aggressive - but negotiate, it works - I know this as a fact. Remember the dentist needs your business as much as you need new teeth.

  • Travel abroad - Another interesting idea for getting cheap dental implants is to travel abroad for cheaper treatments. This concept called "Medical tourism" is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for middle-class Americans willing to travel to secure affordable dental care. Check out this article about implants abroad.

  • A local dental school/university - Dental schools or universities that run dental residency programs are a great place to find cheap dental implants. The students that attend the program are young dentists that are learning to specialize in different dental specialties including dental implants. These residents/dentists treat patients with an instructor / professor mentoring them through the whole process. If you can find a school or university with a dental implant residency program you can get your treatment there and save a significant amount of money. Search the Internet for dental schools near you.
    Read this post by one of our readers who found a local dental school near him and got a full treatment for a significant discount - I saved 30k..

As you have seen there are many factors that might cause a variation in dental implant prices. But remember to always Compare and use your common sense - if the price is too low then something is "fishy". Always look for the specialist's diplomas or make sure he is a member of one of these:
AO - Academy of Osseointegration
AAID - American Academy of Implant Dentistry
ICOI - International Congress of Oral Implantologists

By following and using the above ideas, getting affordable dental implants - is possible!!!!

So- to sum it up - you are most likely to find a cheap dental implant in dental clinics that specialize in dental implants and that have a few different specialists on board.

IF you think you got a good deal on your implants - Please tell us how!

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