Cold fusion in dental implants

by Five year repair job

I went through all the dental procedures with two upper implants. When it came to taking the screw out one of the implants - it came out. My dentist told me it was a cold fusion of the screw to the implant.

I had to settle for a bridge over the spot. Since then the bridge has failed due to the fact that one of the anchor sites wasn't designed to support the stress of the bridge. The bridge lasted approximately 11/2 years I have to go through the whole process again. My question is what is cold fusion and how often does it happen.


Five year repair job

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by: dr farhan durrani

There is nothing called cold fusion or perhaps i don't know as far as your answer the implant placed did not osseointegrate with the bone,so it came out with cover screw, when your dentist tried to open , this can happen it is not anybody fault, just redo the implant procedure, and for sometime give temporary prosthesis

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