Collapsed Gum after Implant

by Claudia
(London, UK)

Scary photo -sorry. This is pre palate-graft correction, but it looks much the same now

Scary photo -sorry. This is pre palate-graft correction, but it looks much the same now

Collapsed Gum after Implant:

I had an implant done in my upper jaw (5th back from center). Before this was done, following root canal treatment a couple of years prior, I had a crown for a couple of years. At this stage my gum was fine - healthy and 'still there'.

My dental surgeon did the first stage of the implant, waited 3 months and everything was still fine with my gum.

The surgeon then did the implant with bone graft, waited a further 3 months for things to settle and everything still appeared to be fine.

It was only when my dentist put in the crown that we noticed the gum had completely collapsed around the site of the implant. My once-healthy gum is now concave ):

The dental surgeon claims he has never seen anything like it in his career and thinks it was caused by cutting one of the supportive 'strings' on my gum. He also says I rejected the bone graft (but tbh the gum was fine before the bone graft, this was purely for supportive purposes for the implant itself) so this shouldn't have caused the collapse.

The surgeon did a tissue graft (using upper palate) to try and correct the collapse. Two weeks later and I don't think it's worked. My gum is marginally better, but the gum around my implant is still completely receded. I am due to see him tomorrow and think he's going to try and fob me off. He will say this is just one of the risks of an implant and that he's done his best. He'll say he can't control how my gum reacts (he sort of laid the ground for this response after doing the soft-tissue graft).

What can I say? Is this the case? Is there anything that can be done? Is he responsible? Please help!

Thanks in advance,


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Gum Collapse Around Implant
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Claudia,

My first reaction was that you had bone loss or the bone implant was rejected...which is what you later on stated had happened. When the graft was rejected it may have also caused some resorption of the surrounding bone from your body's immune response. There is no way to determine whether or not this will happen and it is simply a risk associated with the procedure. As long as your tooth is functioning and has enough support, I would not worry about it. This area probably does not show when you talk or smile, unless you pull the lip up, thankfully!

collapsed gum
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

well this is definately an aesthetic problem ,you can leave this or there is a tunneling procedure for enhancement of thin bio type of gums ,if your dentist is trained enough ,they can try,it will solve your problem ,i can send you pics if you want

collapsed gum after implant NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear Dr Durrani
I have recently had three implants on the right side and my gum is now concave where the implants are. Can you send me the information regarding a solution to this problem that you mentioned in you last post as I am disappointed with this result.

Dominican Republic Dental implants NEW
by: Anonymous

You gum collapsed because your doctor didnt drive well the placement of the titanium screw, usually when you dont go a little deeper, or your alveolar nerve its to close to the root, sometimes you have to choose a shorter implant, to avoid that maybe the doctor didnt have stock in the clinic of shorter implant and he placed a bigger one. other cause its because he didnt place well the healing cap, and he didnt give you the normal time to heal (4 to 6) months, or placed a temporary crown that pulled you gum.

Theres too many reasons for that.

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Dr. Santoni

Re- collapsed gum after implant. NEW
by: Dental implants

Well, This seems to be a problem with the fusion of dental implant with your jaw bone. It ll take time for everything to get normal.
Dental implants

Thanks NEW
by: liam

I guess it may be any defect that happened while doing the filling or something of that sort. To an extent we can blame your dentist for landing you upon this situation. I may suggest you that you will have to consult an expert at the soonest. microsoft outlook support

Don't Worry!! NEW
by: Harry Tom

These things can happen due to a out of size implant. I think your doctor housecleaning services was too hazy to check the right size for you. You need to go after him again now before things get worse.

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Consult Your Doctor!!! NEW
by: Jenifer Tantan

These are problems that people face when they actually do not get the proper treatment after an implant. This might also happen when the implant type does not healthcare certificate programs actually fit properly onto your gum and has gaps.

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