Compromised the ability of my implants to fuse with the bone?

by Kathryn

I had 9 implants placed in my upper jaw and 7 in lower jaw on Friday 21st October. On Friday I smoked 3 ciggarets after the surgery. On Saturay, Sunday and Mongday I smoked 5 and today I have had 2.

This is a great achivement for me as I was a 20-30 a day smoker prior to surgery. I am looking after my mouth meticuously with cleaning my dentures, brushing my tounge and non-sore areas of the gums and I am using saltwater and listerine antibacterial mouthwash to gently bathe the implat sites and the area under my stitches. I do this 3 times daily and also after I have eaten. I am also taking dissolvable vitamin c tabs in water x2 per day.

My question is, could I have already compromised the ability of my implants to fuse with the bone? Is there anything to be done from now on to ensure the health and osseointegration of my implants?

Should I stop smoking now or am I too late, ie, has the damage already been done? Also, as a treat am I allowed one ciggaarette at bedtime and no other whatsoevr or will even one per day cause the implant to fail?

Even if it is likely to expect failure, will all of my 16 implants fail or only some?

Thank you and your help on this mater will be very well appreciated,
Regards, Kathryn -

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by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Kathryn,

Yes, smoking even one cigarette a day can inhibit healing in the mouth. This isn't just for implants, but also procedures like extractions or gum graft surgeries. Smoking causes the blood vessels in the gum tissue to atrophy so that the nutrients that are needed cannot travel to the area that needs to heal.

The best thing you can do is to try to stop smoking completely (talk to your MD about ways to achieve this, through prescription or nicotine patch). This will allow the tissues in your mouth to heal and make the success of the implants greater. Because you had them so recently, you'll probably notice a delay of how fast they integrate with your bone..but if you discontinue smoking you will most likely still see an will just take longer.

Another question about cigarettes and implants
by: Diane Caviness

I've heard conflicting info about nicotine and the toxins in cigarette smoke. One oral surgeon told me it was the nicotine and it wouldn't help if I quit smoking and wore the patch; the nicotine would still impede the healing process. Another told me it was the toxins in the smoke and that if I wore the patch and didn't smoke it would be fine. I've had other surgeries and healed fine while smoking so I don't believe that just nicotine alone would hurt. I DO believe that all the poison and toxins you pull into your mouth would severly danger implants healing. So put the patch on and leave the cigs alone. Maybe try one of the fake one's.

pain NEW
by: steve

I have 7 implants in my upper jaw. I was undergone this surgery two months before. But now I feel severe pain in my upper jaw. Sometime small amount of blood is coming out of the soft tissuefor more information. What should I do to avoid the danger?

bone NEW
by: Anonymous


bone implants NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't think you compromised the ability of your implant. Normally this can be done by drilling the bone of the jaw and top writing services I found the information is very informative. Qualified opinion is needed to undergo this process.

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